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The ISO standards emphasize the importance of audits as a management tool for monitoring and verifying the effective implementation of an organizations’ management system, be it Quality, Environmental, Occupational Health and Safety, or Information Security management system.

We are approved vendor assessment auditing partners for most the international organizations, we can provide unbiased audits for vendor prequalification, supplier assessment, project compliance audits, internal audits, gap assessment audits, etc.

Our Auditing Services encompass the following types of audits:


Organizations certified to an ISO Standard, or in the process of certification, are required to conduct internal audits at periodic intervals. Internal audits can be conducted by employees internal to the organization, however, they can also be “outsourced” – to a competent organization like ABS.

Gap Audit

The purpose of the Gap Analysis or Gap Assessment is to find the gaps between an organization’s management system and the ISO criteria they are aiming to conform with or certify to.  The results of the Gap Analysis should outline, clause by clause, what requirements of the defined criteria are not being met or cannot be verified as being fulfilled; and what needs to be completed in order to meet those requirements.

Process Audit

Process audits seek to improve selected processes by finding out how they perform against defined criteria.

One of the benefits is the intense focus on the selected processes. This means the Auditor may spend 1, or more days on a single process, reviewing all aspects of it, from top to bottom, within the defined criteria. Such an exercise is bound to find several opportunities for improving the process in a significant way.

Product Audit

Product Audits evaluate actual product, product family, parts, or product components against a certain specification, which is the criteria for the audit. Product Audits seek to find out if the product meets the exact requirements called out in the criteria used, or if the product performs as expected. Those requirements can be self-imposed, customer driven, governmental, or industry requirements

Many products can also be certified to a specification, and therefore require an audit to verify compliance, such as the case of API monogramed products.

Supplier Audit

A Supplier/Vendor Audit seeks to verify physically or on-site at the supplier’s premises that they are complying with certain defined criteria.

This audits provide certainty that the Supplier/Vendor has the capability to provide products and/or services to your organization, that meet your own Quality, Environmental, Safety, Information Security, On-Time Delivery, or other requirements or criteria as applicable.



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