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Business Continuity Management System

Open up new opportunities for your business, understand and prioritize the threats, and show compliance with ISO 22301 by obtaining BCMS certification.

Certification under BCMS is granted to the companies that want to build new opportunities, identify and manage current and future threats, which are in the process of implementing the ISO 22301.

What is BCMS about?

BCMS constitutes the requirements from ISO 22301, which allow various departments of your company to provide a practical framework for setting up and managing an effective business continuity management system with less guidance from management and to protect against, reduce the likelihood of the occurrence of, prepare for, respond to and recover from disruptions when they arise. – Without putting in risk the fundamental ideas behind the ISO 22301 framework.

Implementing the BCMS framework and obtaining the certification for your organization, provides to your partners and customers the assurance that you have the ability to continue operating during adverse conditions, giving them peace of mind that you are a reliable supplier and can address the challenges involved in an efficient way.

Benefits of BCMS certification to your organization

  • Reduced implementation efforts through less controls
  • Helps you save costs by reducing costs of tendering
  • No extra training necessary for already certified ISO 22301 implementers and auditors
  • Demonstrates to key stakeholders (customers, suppliers and partners) that your organization is resilient
  • Gain a competitive advantage and enhance the reputation of your organization
  • Very feasible step stone to achieve full ISO 22301 certification
  • Increases the organization’s credibility
  • Ensures continuity of provided products and services and reduces impacts of emergencies and breakdowns
  • Ensures compliance with legislation, regulators and customers
  • Identify risks and minimize the impact of incidents
  • Improve the recovery time
  • Greater visibility of business risks both externally and internally across the organization



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