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Event Sustainability Management System

What is ISO 20121?

ISO 20121 event sustainability management systems is a comprehensive and systematic approach to embedding sustainability into the event planning cycle. This standard requires organizations to understand and manage sustainable development issues. However, it does not certify the event, but the management system of the organizations that sets up the event.

ISO 20121 is suitable for all sizes and types of events, no matter if the event is a concert with 100 fans or FIFA World Cup with millions of people. It includes guidance on operational planning and controlling, stakeholders’ engagement, and supply chain management.

Why is Event Sustainability Management System Important for you?

Sustainability event planning cannot only be viewed as an environmental subject, but also as a social, economic and financial matter. We are looking at increasing positive and decreasing negative impact such as facilitating economic benefit, reducing environmental footprints, and managing issues in consideration of the society human rights from the most privileged to the less privileged, across races, educations, and even gender sensitivities. So, basically sustainability is an approach that reduces the environmental impact, while trying to maintain equilibrium between the three principles.

Benefits of ISO 20121 Certification

Many organizations think that event sustainability planning has exclusively to do with the companies that provide event planning and support. Planning and organizing an event is difficult enough as it is.

Sustainability should be integrated with your CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) where CSR takes care of the impact of our current actions; event sustainability can set the perspective on the emerging concerns in the context of leaving a legacy, and it includes benefits such as:

  • Financial profit – Applying sustainability principles, conserving energy, reducing waste, and purchasing local products among others can result in money saved. More efficient use of resources and easier access to credit lines and sponsors has a long term financial benefit. It will also create jobs and encourage investments involving Small and Medium Enterprises.
  • Positive reputation – Promoting the fact that you are organizing or hosting a sustainable event will give off a positive image to clients locally and globally. It will appeal to potential consumers, and attract participants that are becoming increasingly aware of sustainability issues.
  • Environmental innovation – When organizing a sustainable event, you demand for more sustainable products. This promotes innovative technologies and techniques that will help you use your resources more efficiently and increase your experience.

So, the next time you plan your own party or a corporate event think of the impact of your choices and actions. We can have a system that increases your goal achievement while reducing the negative effects as well along the process. We all are responsible for the sustainability consequences of our every action.



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